Beginner guitar strings should be LIGHT to to build callouses and hand strength, FEEL and SOUND GOOD so you're inspired to keep playing, be HIGH QUALITY so they last, and be REASONABLY PRICED in case you need to replace them. Ziko Extra Lights are all these things and more.

Feel Good

"My husband put them on an inexpensive First Act guitar we have for our daughter to learn on. It made the guitar sound great! They seem to stay in tune pretty well and have a crisp sound to them. They are also lightweight enough to do some nice bends with them. He was definitely pleasantly surprised at the difference these new strings made." - Noelle C

Sound Good

"These are great strings, and they have really made a difference on my old wooden acoustic guitar.. I was about to think the guitar had a crack in it because of the way it sounded when I played, untilI got these strings and restrung it.. then when I played the music that was coming from this old guitar was beautiful!" - Johnny D

Long Life

"I got the extra light by Ziko to try to make a guitar that is very hard to play a little easier to play. This 010s Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light by Ziko definitely has helped. What they say about long string life is absolutely true. With other strings, I needed to change them after any gig or jam session that went more than a couple hours. Ziko Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light makes great strings that last and make your playing so much more easy and enjoyable." - Mom of 5

Great Price

"Once strung, you find that these are a nice light gauge with a pleasing bright tone. The strings have no drag. They are very easy to glide your fingers on and will not easily break. I can honestly say that my husband was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these strings at such a good price." - Jill24295

Ziko Super Lights are the especially made for beginners or those looking to get back into guitar.